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Shortlisted for the Best Ingredient Award at in-cosmetics Global 2024

RejuveNAD™ and Regetaste on the final selection

We're very excited: two active ingredients from our suppliers have been shortlisted for the Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Award 2024 from in-cosmetics.

  • RejuveNAD™ from Mibelle Biochemistry increases the level of the longevity molecule NAD+ in skin cells in a proven and natural way.
  • Regetaste from Codif is an upcycling active ingredient from a special type of apple that stimulates the skin's bitter receptors and reduces cellular senescence.

Now we are keeping our fingers crossed that RejuveNAD™ and Regetaste will convince the jury!

The Innovation Zone Best Ingredient Awards ceremony will take place on 16 April at 6 pm in the Marketing Theatre of the in-cosmetics Global in Paris. Further information can be found on the in-cosmetics Global website.


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