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Beauty Trends

The cosmetics market is in constant transition. We have been taking a sneak peek into the future and are presenting seven up-to-date beauty trends which range from biotechnological innovations over ageless beauty and the role of skinfluencers to gender-neutral cosmetics.

Skinfluencers love active ingredients

Skinfluencers on Instagram and TikTok focus on the ingredients in their beauty products. They prefer active ingredients whose effects are proven by scientific studies – just one reason why retinol, AHA, vitamin C or niacinamide are so popular right now. Samphira Oil Bioactive from Codif or NovoRetin™ from Mibelle Biochemistry are natural retinol alternatives that are gentle on the skin.


Biotechnology will play a leading role in the future since it helps to protect natural resources. The advantage: Just a small amount of plant material is sufficient to produce a large quantity of cosmetic actives. Green or blue biotechnology are production methods without GMO. Fermentations play an important role in this kind of manufacturing technology. Examples are our active ingredients MossCellTec™ from Mibelle Biochemistry or Vitasmoothy from Codif.

Skin barrier

Often, the importance of a healthy skin barrier only becomes apparent once it has been damaged: The increase in transepidermal water loss (TEWL) causes skin to look reddened, feel tight or sensitive, or develop impurities. This is the reason why barrier creams or barrier boosters have become so popular – they reduce redness and irritations or help to restructure the skin’s protective barrier layer. Active ingredients such as AvenaPlex from Oat Cosmetics, Idaskin from Codif oder SLVRCoffee™ from Mibelle Biochemistry are ideal for these kind of beauty products.


Active ingredients from the face care category are now also turning up in other cosmetic products. The line between makeup and skin care continues to blur: Today’s makeup must do more than beautify skin on the surface only. Cosmetic actives like hyaluronic acid, retinol or algae are turning foundations, BB creams, concealers and lipsticks into hydrating treatments. Actives like PoreAway™ from MibelleBiochemistry or EPSSeaglow from Codif are perfect for these new hybrid products.

Upcycling Beauty

Upcycling focuses on the respectful handling of natural resources: Seemingly useless by-products or waste materials are transformed into new high-quality products. In upcycling beauty, waste material from the food industry becomes the base for cosmetic raw and active ingredients. Pink Pepper Slim from Codif is manufactured from pepper berries left over by the production of perfume ingredients. Pinolumin™ from Mibelle Biochemistry is based on upcycled wood shavings from a furniture factory.

Gender-neutral cosmetics

Young GenZ consumers in particular no longer identify with rigid gender roles. Gender-neutral cosmetics are all about the requirements of hair and skin regardless of gender: The effects of a product are the most important thing in genderless beauty. Examples include the energizing active Early Boost from Codif or the calming ingredients Oat Com from Oat Cosmetics.

Ageless Beauty

The term “anti-ageing” has been heavily criticised, and rightly so: Growing older is a privilege which cannot be valued highly enough. For this reason alone, growing older should be approached with a positive attitude. That’s why more and more beauty brands are focusing on resilient, healthy and beautiful – but not wrinkle-free – skin. A suitable ingredient for ageless skin is GlowAGE™ from Mibelle Biochemistry.