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Our partners

Our product portfolio is characterised by innovation, creativity and sustainability. The selected partners of ProTec Ingredia GmbH are from France, Switzerland and the UK.

Mibelle Biochemistry

Inspired by nature - Realized by science

Mibelle Biochemistry has been developing and manufacturing unique and high-quality active ingredients for the cosmetics industry since 1991: Natural plant materials are transformed into bioactive cosmetic ingredients. The particular expertise of the Swiss company lies in the area of biotechnology and biochemistry for cosmetics. Mibelle uses the most up-to-date encapsulation technologies in order to ensure the highest possible bioavailability of the active ingredients and therefore guarantee the maximum efficiency of the cosmetic actives. Proven Swiss quality: All production methods and technologies are developed in-house. Mibelle Biochemistry has been awarded a number of awards and prizes for its innovations. The company is well-known for its plant stem cell-based ingredients, like MossCellTec™ or PhytoCellTec™.


Technologie naturelle

The plant world of the sea is deeply embedded in Codif’s DNA: The French specialist for marine ingredients is based on the coast of Brittany and was founded in 2002. The family-owned company is characterised by its scientific curiosity, pioneer spirit and constant research activities. Regionality, sustainability and the protection of natural ressources are very important to Codif. A key focus of the company’s R&D activities lies in the field of Blue biotechnology: Codif has coined the term "Bioth-ecology" to describe its manufacturing approach which combines biotechnology and ecology. The company offers extensive in-house testing facilities and highly developed research study models that prove the efficacy of its ingredients. The most famous ingredients in Codif’s portfolio include Hydrasalinol, Neuroguard and Actiporine.

Oat Cosmetics

From Field to face

British company Oat Cosmetics has been a leading manufacturer of high-quality and natural oat-based ingredients for the cosmetics and personal care industry for more than 20 years. Why oat? Compared to other types of grain, oat has the highest percentage of minerals, proteins and fatty acids. The plant also contains secondary plant actives like avenathramide or the polysaccharide beta-glucan which are highly valued ingredients in skin and hair care products. The active ingredients from Oat Cosmetics are manufactured according to the highest possible standards and the most modern sustainable cultivation methods that guarantee the complete traceability of the production chain from field to finished product. Amongst the most popular ingredients of this Southampton-based company are Oat Lipid E and Oat Com.