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For us, sustainability is much more than a hashtag or short-lived trend. Find out more about selected sustainable initiatives and commitments from our partners Mibelle Biochemistry, Codif and Oat Cosmetics.

Organic and natural cosmetics certifications

A large and constantly growing number of our raw and active ingredients are from natural origin and certified or approved by Cosmos, Natrue and Ecocert.

Green and Blue Biotechnology

To protect natural resources as much as possible, our suppliers are using innovative biotechnologal production methods for many of their active ingredients. These GMO-free manufacturing methods only require a small amount of natural plant material taken from nature. Therefore the ingredient is produced without using fertilisers or pesticides and with a much lower water consumption than using traditional cultivation methods.

Commitment to biodiversity

Mibelle Biochemistry supports ProSpecieRara, a Swiss biodiversity foundation working to conserve old, robust plant varieties and animal species. As a WWF Guardian, Oat Cosmetics is supporting this global environmental charity to protect tigers in the Asian core regions. And Codif has been a partner of French artist Jérémy Gobé’s coral reef conservation project ‘Corail Artefact’ since September 2020.

Organic agriculture

Protected plants that cannot be wild-harvested are cultivated by Codif according to the high standards of ecological agriculture (Ecocert standard). The greenhouses are watered with rain water, the remains of algae plants that were used in the manufacturing of other ingredients are used as fertiliser.

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Our suppliers have a deep connection to their home regions. Mibelle Biochemistry is often inspired by the diverse landscape of its home country Switzerland: Typical Swiss plants are just as interesting for the development of new ingredients as the snow-covered Alps. Codif also focuses on the natural resources of the Breton coast: The sea and its immense biological riches are part of the company’s DNA.

Circular production

The goal of our suppliers is to manufacture their active ingredients as sustainably as possible. This approach embraces not just sourcing but also the entire production cycle including waste water, energy and waste management. Codif, for example, only uses “green” solvents that are certified according to the Ecocert standard or CO2 extractions. For over ten years, the company has had filter gardens installed at the manufacturing site to biologically purify the production's waste water, and half of all manufacturing waste is recycled on-site.

Transparent supply chain

Our suppliers ensure full traceability across the entire supply chain, from the origins of the raw ingredient to the finished cosmetic active. The base for this is trustful cooperation with selected farms and partners. In September 2021, Codif became a member of the ‘Union for Ethical BioTrade’ (UEBT), a non-profit organisation that works to protect biodiversity and promote a fair supply chain in the sourcing of ingredients.