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Indie Brands

Welcome Indie Brands! Indie brands are more successful than ever. They influence the entire cosmetics industry: These independent beauty brands focus on the demands of their customers as well as the communication with their community on social media. Therefore, transparent product manufacturing and sustainable ingredients sourcing are playing a key role for these beauty brands.

What are Indie Brands?

Indie brands (short for “independent brands”) is the term used to describe beauty brands that are led by their founders and are not connected to any large corporations or manufacturers. Indie brands can be start-ups and niche brands but also family-owned businesses.

With a clever brand strategy, indie brands can easily become the next big thing on the beauty market. In the US, indie brands even have their own trade show and industry publication, online magazine Beauty Independent.

Another version of indie brands are corporate indie brands: These are beauty brands that are operated like start-ups but located within the infrastructure of a bigger corporate group. This strategy allows larger companies to try out new business models and brings in new perspectives and inspiration.

Our Indie Beauty Expert

May we introduce Julia Keith? On her website Beautyjagd, Julia has been blogging about organic beauty, niche beauty, international beauty trends and exciting ingredients since 2010. In our Behind the Beauty Scenes blog cooperation we’ve been exploring different aspects of the cosmetics industry.

We are very happy that we could win her as a market analyst and trend scout for ProTec Ingredia. Julia supports and advises our customers in the area of marketing - her heart beats particularly strongly for indie brands.

Why we love Indie Brands

Indie brands are a breath of fresh air in the cosmetics industry. These brands are close to their customers and often have a special mission, such as focusing on a neglected target demographic or a specific ingredient.

Indie brands have flexible structures and can therefore react quickly to new or changing customer demands. Since these brands are closely connected to their community on social media, they frequently recognise new beauty trends earlier than established legacy brands. Sometimes indie brands spark off beauty trends that are later picked up by larger companies, or they support each other with exciting collaborations.

Transparency and authenticity are highly important criteria for indie brands. On platforms like Instagram or LinkedIn, indie brand founders often share some of the challenges associated with running their own company which offers fascinating insights into the industry. This is also made possible because the brand managers are often deeply involved in product development or the selection of ingredients.

Our services for Indie Brands

We offer:

  • Trendsetting active ingredients with strong claims
  • Award-winning ingredients
  • Sustainably manufactured ingredients
  • Ingredients with efficacy proven by scientific studies
  • Active ingredients for specifically positioned niche products

Together with our beauty expert Julia Keith, we can also support you with our market and trends knowledge as well as our network in the beauty industry.

You can contact us via phone or e-mail. We look forward to hearing from you!